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“My campaign platform is built on the fundamentals that have guided my civic engagement all my life; improving infrastructure elements and systems that provide support and allow people to live safe, productive lives in the communities of their choice.  Join me in working to achieve these goals for District 23 and all of Greenville.”

Alan Mitchell, Candidate

Greenville County Council, District 23

“Improving Greenville One System at a Time”
Goals & Priorities
  • Improve the quality of life in Greenville County and District 23 

  • Advance the concerns and voice of the residents of District 23 

  • Increase affordable housing within District 23

  • Improve public utility systems

  • Improve sidewalks, curbs, and gutters

  • Improve street lighting systems within residential areas

Key Issues
  • Improving the infrastructure of District 23, focusing on affordable housing and infrastructure systems

  • Enhancing economic development, focusing on local and entrepreneurial businesses

  • Developing partnerships with local businesses and higher education to retain Greenville’s braintrust

  • Continuously improving public safety and public education

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